New Season – New Goals

If you haven't checked out Establishing Team Expectations check it out first..  When you establish your team expectations, you also want your team to set goals for the season.  Here are a few tips for setting goals.

Start with Why

When it comes to goals, you need some major motivation to backup the action. Start by asking what you want for your team and what your team wants. What are the results or feelings you want at the end of the season?

When you do that, you’ve got a big picture you’re working toward and something that everyone is excited about reaching.

Create Milestones

Goals aren’t just about achieving the big picture. You will wear yourself and your team out if you only work toward that.

Start by working backwards and creating milestones and adding deadlines to them. Now you’ve got smaller action items to work on, can create a specific plan, and know what to celebrate along the way.

Create and Rollout an Action Plan

Now that you’ve got milestones, think through all of the things you need to do in order to make them. Do you need to add time in for them in practice? Do you need to learn something yourself to help them reach a new level? How can you turn those big dream goals into reality?

Then, roll out the action plan to the team. Anytime you add some action and tell them about it, tell them why it’ll help them achieve their goals. It helps to frame some of that hard work they’re not crazy about in a way they can get on board with.


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