Cheer Coach Academy Season Three

For school cheerleading coaches of all levels

Get all of your material for a full season!

De-stress your life with the Third Season of this all-in-one cheer coaching resource!



Cheer Coaches: raise your hand if you’re tired of:

  • Feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with the amount of time you spend creating practice plans each week, dealing with a variety of personality dynamics on the team, among the parents and at the school.
  • Being unsure about how to coach all of the elements of cheerleading and drive your team to the next level.
  • Wasting hundreds of hours searching YouTube for the perfect stunts, cheers, and dances and always coming up empty or unsure if the stunts you found are even legal.
  • Sacrificing your weekends, weeknights, and family time to prep for practices, games and competitions.

These challenges are incredibly common. 

You are SO not alone!

The good news?

Being a cheer coach doesn’t have be this stressful, overwhelming, or time-consuming.

CCA Season Two is here to help you change that.

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If you’ve ever wished that…

Someone would take care of the planning, research and prep for practices and team motivation, so you can get back to doing what you do best…

You had step-by-step instruction videos to demo stunts, dances, cheers, jumps, tumbling, and more for your entire team to watch….

There was a place you could go to get the right support, advice, and resources when you need support as a coach…

You could find those fun, fresh and up-to-date coaching resources you’ve been searching for, all in one place…

…so that you can stay on top of your coaching game, keep your team engaged and driven to go to the next level, and put the joy back into being a coach...

Then you’re going to love the CCA Season Three!

CCA Season Three is packed with resources and training, that will save you dozens of hours or more over the course of your season.

Season Three

When you sign up, the following will be in an online video and resource gallery!

Stunt Sequences

Learn step-by-step instruction of nine creative transitional stunt sequences, including how to simplify or increase difficulty.


Freshen up your cheer list with 10 new original sideline and crowd participation cheers.


Keep your choreography fresh with a two half-time dances and two band/sideline dances.

Workout Plan

Receive workout video demos and workout plans for you to rotate at practice.  

Team Building

You will receive new interactive team building activities to do with your team. (with social distancing!)


CCA Founder Gina Harris has coaches inspiration and guidance that will help you on your coaching journey.

If you are new to having any of CCA's Seasons, you will also receive the following immediate for FREE when you join.

A total value of more than $200 in CCA Products!!

In your account, you will receive access to items for sale separately on the CCA Website as part of your membership including:


Crush it at Competition 

Cheer Coaches Guide to Problem Parents 

Total Value $50




Jump Course

Motion Course

Stunt Safety

Total Value $45

Tryout Materials

Cheer Coach Tryout Starter Package

Best Cheer Year Yet

Tryout Tips for Cheer Coaches

Total Value $50


The Key to Coaching Cheerleading

12 Ways to Escalate your Stunts

Turn your New Coach Passion into New Coach Action

Total Value $60

"I have honestly appreciated everything you have sent. This is my first year as a cheer coach, and the advice has been great! Tryouts will be next week, and I feel excited instead of apprehensive. Thanks! "

Jennifer - Moline, KS

"As a 3rd year high school cheer coach, finding you has been a God send!! I am so blessed and honored to be a recipient of the endless free resources you've made available to coaches, parents and cheerleaders online!! "

Coach Mimi

"It’s my third year coaching for a youth organization and I must say, for my upcoming season I actually have a plan - thanks to you! I have a schedule for practice, and goals for each practice. I have a touchdown dance and part of the cheer dance created. I would always assume the other coaches would have it all together and no one else ever did. So I decided to get it together this year. Practice starts at the end of July, so I am way ahead of the game. Thank you for the great advice! "

Coach Joanne, Allentown, PA

"I wanted to send a quick message to show my gratitude for the time you take on sending these emails with such valuable information in them. I coach rec cheer & have used many of your tips and information to get me through. So again I just want to thank you for the time you take to send these emails I value each one of them!!! "

Coach Crystal

CCA Season Three is THE virtual resource and support hub for cheer coaches to increase their coaching confidence and the skills of their teams.

When you invest in Season Three, you will receive online access from any device.

Risk-free commitment with our 7-Day Satisfaction Guarantee:

When you join Cheer Coach Academy Season Three, you’re protected by our 7-day Satisfaction Guarantee. If you become a member and decide that the membership isn’t right for you, just let us know within seven days and we’ll send you a full refund.

Important: while you can cancel your membership at any time and no longer be billed again, refunds will not be granted if you have downloaded 2 or more units or resources before requesting a refund. 

Take advantage of our limited time offer.

Join CCA Season Three today!

Get instant access! 

The value of this program is $49 a month (that is almost $600 a year).

We have a limited number of memberships open at this rate, so join today.



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Stunt Sequences




Team Building



Three video reviews of routines of your choice.

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one payment

Stunt Sequences




Team Building



Three video reviews of routines and/or stunts of your choice.

Pay in Full!

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3 payments

Payment Plan



3 payments

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How Cheer Coach Academy Got Started

Hi! I am Gina Harris. I fell in love with cheerleading in 8th grade – back in the day when scrunchies and Aqua-net were important staples to a cheerleader’s wardrobe and Paula Abdul and MC Hammer songs were the music mixes of choice for half-time routines. Since that time, I have enjoyed the first-hand experience in being part of the growth of cheerleading as a sport.

In high school, I was an All American Cheerleader and performed at the half-time of the Aloha Bowl. Shortly after starting college, I met some high school cheerleaders who said they needed help on their competition routine.  I started working with the team everyday after school and they placed 3rd at the State Competition. Since then, I have coached and done choreography at various high schools of all sizes and have coached all star teams as well.  My teams have made numerous state finals appearances as well as many state runner-up finishes and seven state championships. Additionally my team placed 4th at NCA High School Nationals their first time competing! I was also honored with the John Lynch Foundation Coach of the Year. My greatest achievement as a coach is being a mentor to my athletes and watching them become adults living their lives with character and integrity.  

I want to help you do the same with your team!


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