Cheer Camp Hack: 4 Step Process to Remembering all the Material

It is easy for your team to go to camp and get caught up in the atmosphere, watching the talented staff and having fun bonding with their team.  While these are important elements to camp, it is really important to also make sure your team learns and remembers the material.

As a coach you can take some steps to make sure that your team remembers the material they learn so they can use it for the school year. Here is how you can make that happen.

1. Know what you want

Every plan has to start with goals, am I right? So before you can make a plan to effectively bring home cheer camp material, you have to know what you want to get out of cheer camp.

Do you need cheers for performances on the sideline or in pep rallies? Do you need chants for games because yours are getting a little tired? Do you need dance moves because you want to plug-and-play a routine at homecoming this year?

Know what you need to get out of cheer camp and prioritize. Then you can easily do the next step.

2. Assign tasks

Now that you’ve got your handy dandy list of items to learn (and remember), you can assign them to members of your squad.

This is a great task for captains, or if you have a lot to try to remember, get some of your more coordinated cheerleaders who soak up everything easily.

You tell each one what area they’re in charge of. One gets cheers, another gets half of the chants, another gets the other half, and one more gets dances–if you’re totally revamping everything. And they’ll all remember stunts because cheerleaders always remember those for some reason.

3. Focus on reviewing

While you may assign specific kinds of material to specific cheerleaders, make it clear to your whole team that those few are not the only ones responsible for all the cheer camp material. Each member of your team should be dedicated to taking away as much as possible.

And it’s up to you to build that kind of culture at cheer camp.

Each night, you typically have a little extra time. Review what they’ve learned that day. Write it down and make sure that the person you assigned to it has that one down pat, but the whole squad should review it.

4. Vary your evaluation material choices

Most of the time when you select a specific cheer or chant for evaluations, they stick with the team.

Why? Because they practice them over and over again. I still remember a couple of random chants from camp because of this phenomenon.

So it’s important to select not only the cheers and chants you want to use later but also to vary the choices so your team remembers more of them.

During cheer camp, it’s important for you to keep the focus not solely on the trophies at the end.

Real success starts at cheer camp, but it doesn’t finish there. It finishes in a squad that performs well throughout the year in many aspects of their responsibilities.

So help your team see cheer camp as a stepping stone and not the end-all be-all part of the cheer year.

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