Rise and Shine: The Benefits of Morning Practice


As a cheer coach, it can be difficult to obtain practice space and finding the right time and place for your cheer team to practice can be a real challenge. As much as your team will groan, and mine did as well, we have found that morning practices have been a great solution. Morning practices address the space crunch and also brings a refreshing burst of energy to your team.

Fresh Start, Fresh Energy

By seizing the daybreak hours, your team can kick off their practice schedule with renewed vigor. Starting the day with a clean slate, both mentally and physically, sets the stage for an invigorating session that propels your squad towards success. I have found that the distractions of social life and the stress of a school day do not impact the team the same way they do when we practice after school.  

Enhanced Mental Focus

Morning practices align with peak mental clarity where your team will discover heightened focus and attention to detail. This mental awareness can translate into accelerated learning, precise execution, and an overall improvement in the quality of your team's performances.

Boosted Productivity Throughout the Day

Morning practices aren't just about perfecting stunts and routines; they're a catalyst for heightened productivity. The endorphin rush from an early workout acts as a positive catalyst that propels your athletes through their daily tasks. My team has noticed this and this is a reason why they enjoy morning practices more. 

Beat the Heat, Train in Comfort

Practice in comfort. In the summer, early practices offer a cool alternative to the scorching midday sun, creating an ideal training environment for your cheerleaders. Break free from the constraints of hot afternoons and provide a space where athletes can thrive without the discomfort of excessive heat.


Juggling sports commitments and family time is no easy feat. Morning practices for the most part, seamlessly integrate with family schedules, allowing your athletes to pursue their passion without sacrificing valuable time with loved ones. 

Balanced Schedule

Additionally, it gives your athletes the opportunity to participate in other sports and activities, especially those that contribute to the strength of your team such as all star cheer, gymnastics, and dance. My athletes have also expressed that they enjoy being able to go home and get their homework done right away. 

So, coaches, if finding space has become a challenge, give morning practices a try!  Rise and shine to overcome the space crunch, invigorate your team with early energy, and set the stage for success. The early bird not only catches the worm but also ensures your cheer team can soar to new heights!


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